25 September 2014 Why I said NO to a dream job

purple flower

4 days before I was set to leave Bali I was offered a dream job. It has nothing to do with flowers, I’ve only posted this beautiful pic because the photos related to this dream job are on my iPhone 5. (It happened to go ka-put immediately upon landing at LAX, after months of hanging on by a string).

The dream job had to do with water, boats, travel, adventure. I was asked to Steward an 85 ft yacht called the Namaste. No I am not kidding. The plans were to sail from Bali to Timor to Darwin (Australia) to Brisbane and eventually to Cali (with stops at destinations of my dreams along the way). All I was asked to do was cook and clean for a crew of 4, including myself. Icing on the cake, I was to be paid for this. Easy enough.

So why did I decline this golden opportunity on this gleaming new yacht? I did not make a list of pros and cons. I did not toss and turn hoping to make the right decision. I just listened to my intuition which told me the answer was no. Something about it just felt wrong. The only way I can explain it is:

Travel insinuates freedom. Being at sea for days, even weeks at a time cooking and cleaning for 3 men just feels a bit restrictive. This girl needs to move when she needs to move.

I’ll be totally honest with you though, after only 2 days back in LaLa land I’m kicking myself and cursing my intuition. WTF was I thinking?

In the meantime I’ll prepare myself for the next grandiose opportunity…my intuition tells me there is one on the horizon, perfectly suited for this freedom-loving adventurer.

Love, the Glossy Queen

13 September 2014 The best thing about Bali

musician in ubud

Madeloby, a musician and business man from Ubud.

Is by far the people. Which means they must be extraordinary because there are a myriad of things to love about this place. But the people will steal your heart.

payogan village post ceremony

Smiling face post ceremony in Payogan village.

Two Balinese women crafting in Uluwatu.

Mary, crocheting a bag (which will take her 2 days to complete) on the walkways on Uluwatu.

Child smiling on side of the road in Bali

En route to Canggu…he smiled as soon as he saw the camera pointed at him.

Beach vendor on Ku De Ta Beach

Anna, one of many women selling sarongs on Ku De Ta beach.

They are so open and possess a genuine kindness which I have never felt before. From shop keeps to women selling sarongs on the beach to little children walking along the road…they all smile and laugh and give you a feeling that despite their hardships they are in love with life.

Like me you can come here knowing no one and leave with an abundance of love to take back home and spread freely in your native land – just as they do here.

Love, the Glossy Queen

It’s been on my to do list for a long time to start a YouTube channel. Back home I never really felt inspired or always had some lame excuse as to why I couldn’t do it. Yesterday all that changed – I filmed and edited my first YouTube video!

Pretty much took me all day and a lot of the early morning to get this short 30 second video up; simply because I had to download apps and test things out. I expect the process will be much smoother going forward. You know what else, I did all this with 3 small devices – iPhone 5, iPad 4 and Nikon D7000. My tripod came in handy as well.

As for the content you can expect much more than outfit/style posts. During my first week in Bali I’ve connected with some vivid spirits. These artistes + adventurers have very interesting stories to share. I hope to get some of these chats on camera, I know their words will inspire you to follow your heart and live in color. At TGQ that’s what its all about!

Now my friends I shall venture out. I’ve spent the past 2 days working and its time to explore.

Love, The Glossy Queen

3 September 2014 One Hilarious Moment

Jennifer Elizabeth of The Glossy Queen on a motorbike.


Many moons ago my youngest brother nicknamed me rampage after I accidentally walked straight into a screen door. I mistook it for a clear path. Oops. Well Neil Allen, I’ve lived up to my name and I am sure you will be proud…

Early Sunday morning, internet was down at the house in Ungasan and I needed to book my next accommodation. With sleep in my eyes I hopped on le moto and whizzed down the road to Cafe Moka. It was only my 2nd day driving the scooter. No incidents during the previous days drive to Karma Kandara so I was feeling pretty confident (but still cautious as one must be when driving in Bali).

Made it to the cafe incident free. Okay, almost incident free. I rolled into the parking lot (aka a patch of dirt). Several bikes were parked in front. In an instant I somehow ended up knocking 80% of them over! Was I even moving at that point? I sat there holding up my bike as baristas and patrons came scurrying out to assess the damage.

Not too bad. One man picked up his rear view mirror and screwed it back in. No one said anything to me except a witty blue-eyed boy from Russia who just looked at me and started laughing, “What, did you mistake the brake and the gas?”

“I dunno…” I replied, “It’s only my second day on this thing!”

After confirmation his surfboard was all good he invited me to join him for breakfast.

Not a bad way of meeting people, eh!

Love, The Glossy Queen

2 September 2014 Postcards from Dreamland

Dreamland beach bali for above.

Dreamland from the cliffs.

Unfortunately my fingers cannot keep up with my experience. Yesterday marked my 1 week anniversary on the island and I’ve already got 1 million stories to tell. Some of which are not to be shared. Desole.

On the 4th day I left the busy, bustling center of Kuta and ventured south to Bukit Peninsula. After settling into my accommodations, a minimalistic SurfHouse in Ungasan I accepted an invitation from my host to join him and his friends for a sunset surfing session at Dreamland Beach. I hopped on the back of his dirt bike and off we zipped through winding country roads, an adventure in itself!

Fell in love soon as my eyes pictured the Indian Ocean peeking through white stone cliffs which we descended to rest our feet upon pink hued sand. C’est magnifique! The setting winter sun, yes, its winter in this part of the world, painted the sky the most perfect shades of pastel. Me in Dreamland…swear I was dreaming. But nope. After an imaginary pinch I still found myself on the ground. This is reality!

surfers at dreamland beach.

The boys headed for the waves.

wild waves at dreamland beach in bali

Wild water.

Sunset on Dreamland Beach Bali.

Its just a reflection of a reflection (see you on the other side)!

I love Bali on Dreamland Beach.

Such an easy place to love.

The sea was littered with surfers all braving 7-8 foot waves. As a super novice (meaning I have only surfed once back in Los Angeles) I stayed on the shore, Nikon in hand, trying my best to capture the magic of this place.

I hope you feel it.

Love, The Glossy Queen