Decision making can be a stress inducing event. It’s not just huge life decisions that leave us a frizzy-frazzled mess, some of us struggle with even the most trivial of things.

What to have for lunch?
What color shirt to buy?
What beach to go to?

animal print & flower bikini |

Worry no more, I’m going to let you in on a secret. It’s a simple mind hack to make every single decision you will ever make the right decision.

Here goes…

“You have to regard yourself as a cloud in the flesh. Because, you see, clouds never make mistakes. Did you ever see a cloud that was mis-shapen? Did you ever see a badly designed wave? No. They always do the right thing. Now so, as a matter of fact, do we – because we are natural beings just like clouds and waves. Only we have complicated games which cause us to doubt ourselves. But if you will treat yourself for a while as a cloud or wave and realize that you can’t make a mistake whatever you do. [Be]cause even if you do something that seems to be totally disastrous it’ll all come out in the wash somehow.” – Alan Watts

Clouds and waves make for poetic prose but they are not the point. The point is to simply be.

Be who you are. Be confident in the design of your body, mind and spirit. Know that the idea of “wrong” is an illusion.

This subtle shift in perception will make decision making a day at the beach!

love + abundance
Jennifer Elizabeth
OOTD details: Gray kimono by Asos, Floral crop top by Audrey 3+1, Yellow bikini top by Vitamin A, Animal print bikini bottoms by H&M

Photos by Andre Lackner

27 May 2015 Create from love

 “Your face is your mask and the question is, therefore, what is behind the mask?” – Alan Watts

Some people struggle with the idea that you create your own reality. I think it’s rather quite simple to grasp…we are all Persons, aka Personas aka Masks.

What is a Mask but a notion of a false reality. And if the reality is false that means you have the ability to create it.

Will you create from fear or will you create from love?

That is as much a question for me as it is for you.


My last blog post was two months ago. At the beginning of the year I had lofty ambitions to blog on a regular basis. It may look like I’ve failed but looks are deceiving. After returning from Bali I made a commitment to only do things I’m passionate about. I am not a passionate blogger. Yes I said it.

I am a passionate creative entrepreneur. The business of selling clothes for bohemian-minimalists is keeping me crazy busy and I LOVE IT! Of all my creative endeavors this one feels the most right.

Though it is work, actually the hardest work I’ve ever done, nothing beats the fulfillment and joy I get creating from a space of pure love.

Since I know I create my own reality I’m gonna wave that magick wand and transform myself into a very passionate blogger through sharing the things that I love: style + simple musings.

Expect fashion interwoven with philosophy adorned with threads of earthly travel and spiritual adventure of many kinds.

Now its time for you to “clap your heels two times, grab the magick wand.” What will you create from your love space?

love + abundance
Jennifer Elizabeth
OOTD details: Hat by Supreme New York, Jacket by Member’s Only (vintage), Sweater by Truly Madly Deeply, Skirt by An’ge Paris, Sunnies by Burberry, Shoes by Seychelles


Trina Turk x Kate Spade x Vintage polka dots |

Life as a creative entrepreneur often means spending days at your home office or studio draped in leggings and an oversized tee. With all the demands of running a business your day to day look can take a serious beating.

Renew your work day look this spring with a dress you can seriously wear anywhere.

The key is to find something comfortable. No, that does not mean trading your leggings for joggers!

Geometric print dress by Trina Turk |

Check out this vibrant, geometric print, cotton & silk dress by Los Angeles designer Trina Turk. The bright and bold colors perfectly reflect your creative nature without even opening your mouth. This piece is super easy to wear as it features an elastic waistband and relaxed cut.

Trina Turk & Vintage Polka Dots |

For power meetings with your peers pair it with a jacket. I’m still into mixing prints so I chose a vintage 1980s polka dot jacket in a vivid shade of pink. This dynamic duo certainly says “I am not afraid.”

No need to hold this piece to the office either. It works for a weekend get-a-ways as well. Just lose the jacket and pair it with sandals, a hat and your fave pair of sunnies.

Your work into weekend adventures will never be brighter.

Jacket and dress both available in my Vinted shop and remember there is just one, yes, just one of each.
OOTD details: Dress by Trina Turk, Jacket is Vintage, Ipad case by Kate Spade, Necklace by Glossy Queen (available soon)

Aoyama Itchome  for Anthropologie |

Spring has officially sprung. And while it’s just a teaser to my favorite season of the year I’m more than giddy to be inching closer to Summer. Let me guess, so are you!

Of course this annual transition calls for a celebration, right?! Please pull off and tuck away your down jackets and wool coats. This entire week I’ll be sharing 5 colorful and creative looks for you to flaunt all season long.

Now of course this time of year is all about renewal. I’m not talking about renewal of the trees, and flowers and such. I’m talking about renewal of L.O.V.E.

While I’m happily single and definitely not looking for any long term commitment at this time (ain’t no one getting in the way of my Vagabonding plans) a sweet Spring Fling sounds rather fun.

Look 1 is all about catching your Spring Fling!

Lace your legs with short, barely there shorts in a girly shade of blush pink. Pick a top that will steal the show like this billowy, purple, cotton frock by Aoyama Itchome for Anthropologie. It’s totally modest and balances all the leg you’ll be showing!

Aoyama Itchome for Anthropologie |

With subtle details like kimono style sleeves, tone of tone geometric patchwork and hidden, on-seam pockets this is really unique piece. If you’re petite like me it’ll look like a little baby doll dress over your shorts. Sure to make him stare. And stop you, we want to be stopped don’t we!

Aoyama Itchome for Anthropologie |

Look 1 is all about the top. Who really needs pants when you’ve got a gorgeous pair of legs (which have been hidden for months) dying to see some sun and some fun.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll play grown up, but for now, it’s Monday, I’ve been working all weekend and now it’s time to play.

Gotta love life as a #GirlBoss! Until tomorrow.
OOTD Details: Shorts by Forver 21 Top by Aoyama Itchome for Anthropologie

DTLA streetstyle: vintage chambray dress by french connection
DTLA streetstyle | Jennifer Elizabeth of Glossy Queen | Wearing: vintage fcuk
DTLA streetstyle | Jennifer Elizabeth of Glossy Queen

Things have been crazy. That statement is not meant to be a complaint, I mean crazy in the best of ways!

I’ve been pulling consecutive 16 hour days.  Despite all the “work” I’ve still managed to fail meeting my February goal. Failing, however, at anything does not discourage me. There’s always a reason behind a fail. In this case my attention was needed elsewhere. Marketing is important for any business but sales come first. And the sales have been coming!

Give thanks.

Of course with more sales comes more “work”. Work that ranges from buying, sales, marketing, customer service, administration and the list goes on.

Although this is the funnest “work” I’ve ever done that doesn’t stop me from tiring out at times. This past Tuesday I felt exhaustion setting in.

How do you respond to burnout?

Meditation is part of my daily practice. Just about every morning for 20 – 30 minutes I start my day with a guided meditation. A formal meditation is a great foundation but I believe the greater purpose of the practice is to live a more mindful life.

Through this daily ritual I’ve gotten a million times better at regulating my emotions. When shit is hitting the fan I breathe deeply, change my perspective about a situation and re-frame it in a way that’s beneficial. Sounds simple enough, but it is a practice that I’ve got to be conscious about implementing.

If you’re ever feeling frazzled (in anyway) I recommend you try this. I woke up Wednesday morning with a completely different disposition.

Hump day was spent wandering about DTLA with a friend. The agenda was fluid. We brainstormed business ideas, ran a few errands, snapped lotsa pics…laughed, smiled and of course ended it with a powerful meditation session.


My crazy days are actually quite lazy days and I couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing with my time.

Let’s toast to failures, burnout, meditation, that vintage French Connection dress I’m wearing and the upcoming month of March.

It’s only going to get better from here.
OOTD details: Dress by FCUK French Connection, Sweater is a vintage piece I don’t really want to sale, Shoes by MIA, Hat by Forever 21