Before I left for Bali I made myself some much needed business cards. For the first episode of Rip & Remix (a DIY web-series I’m producing) I thought it’d be great to share the process of how I made them.

Only thing was I didn’t need any more business cards, I needed packaging for some new rings I’m adding to my collection. Thats when my bright idea got even brighter! I decided to use the same process for making the business cards to make the packaging. As promised in the video…you watched it didn’t you? If not, please stop reading and start watching. Thanks!

Now. As promised in the video, below is the full list of supplies you will need to make this and the step by step written instructions. Once you’ve got your cards (or packaging) made I’d love for you to share it with me (and maybe give me a few new ideas). Hashtag #ripandremix on Instagram and Twitter so I can see your work.

Step 1 // Gather Supplies

For business cards:

  1. Pencil
  2. Eraser
  3. Ruler
  4. Index cards or blank business cards
  5. Alphabet stamps
  6. Stamp pad
  7. Small cup of water
  8. Watercolors
  9. Paintbrush
  10. Printable labels/custom stamp or sticker

For product packaging:

  1. Corner rounder
  2. Hole punch/awl
  3. Twine
  4. Scissors
  5. Glassine bags

Step 2 // Paint Your Cards

Supplies you will need for this step:

Water // Watercolors // Paintbrush // Index cards or blank business cards

Before starting its a good idea to develop a color-scheme and a design for your cards. Use your imagination! After you’ve got that figured out take your ideas for a practice run on a scratch paper. If you like it proceed. If you don’t like it make some adjustments and test them out until you’re satisfied with the outcome.

2A. Mix your paint.

2B. Start painting your cards with your unique design. If your design has “layers” make sure to let the cards dry before adding another layer.

2C. Once you’ve finished painting your design let the cards dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 3 // Set Type

Supplies you will need for this step:

Painted cards // Pencil // Ruler // Alphabet Stamps // Stamp Pad

Hand-setting type is a FUN process. Remember, don’t expect perfection. The nature of a handmade card is that it’s perfectly imperfect.

3A. Decide where you want your type (name or business name) placed on the card.

3B. Based on where you want your type positioned use your pencil and draft a very light, easy to erase line (i.e. if you want your type on the top of the card you may draft the line at 1/2 inch from the top). As mentioned, your letters will not be perfect but by drafting the line they will fall in the same plane.

3C. Draft line on your card. Keep it light, please!

3D. Pull all the letters you will need from your alphabet stamp set. Organize them according to the spelling of the word(s).

3E. Put on some music and start stamping your cards, one at a time.

3F. After stamping give the cards some time to dry. Come back and erase the pencil line.

3G. Put your contact/business information on the card by handwriting it, using a custom stamp or printing labels from home.

You now have beautiful business cards to hand out at your next event! If you want to make product packaging skip step 3G and move on to step 4.

Step 4 // Product Packaging

Supplies you will need:

Hole punch or awl // Corner rounder // Twine // Scissors // Pencil // Ruler // Eraser // Glassine bags

In this example I make product packaging or handmade stacking rings. Adjust the instructions according to the product that you will be packaging.

4A. If you want round corners use the corner rounder to do so.

4B. We want the rings attached in the middle of the card so use the ruler to find the middle pointand draft a light, easy to erase line with your pencil at the mid point.

4C. The rings are attached to the card with twine. You’ll need to create holes to thread the twine through. Using a ring as a guide mark a series of 4 holes (2 at the top of the ring and 2 at the bottom) with your pencil. Make sure the holes fall on the drafted mid-point line.

4D. Once all 4 holes are marked use your hole punch/awl to create the actual hole.

4E. Now you will attach the ring to the card. Grab your twine and thread it through the first hole. Attach the top of the ring by continuing to thread the twine through the 2nd hole. Repeat the step for the 3rd and 4th hole. Now turn the card over, cut the twine and tie it in a knot.

4F. Your ring is now attached!

4G. Slip your ring into the glassine bag and give it as a gift.

Hope you guys have fun making these and remember to share your work with me on Instagram and Twitter by using the hashtag #ripandremix.




tools to transmute negative energy

let it…

clear quartz, black tourmaline, hematite

… go.

You are a Magician. To transcend moments of despair and bounce back from the most burdensome of trials realize and accept yourself as such. This is an empowering concept which may require a bit of  reprogramming of your mind. Although claiming the role of victim is accepted and even encouraged by our society the process of reversing this stifling conditioning does not have to be difficult.

But note, victims tend to make things more grueling than necessary. If you are used to playing this role bring awareness to the ways you many attempt to self-sabotage yourself. This requires a level of honesty and consciousness that may be un-nerving.


When you experience the feeling of unease know that you are on the right path. You’re in the purging process. It’s a funny thing how our bodies almost immediately respond to tainted food but our minds and spirits are able to consume tainted ideas for years, entire lifetimes even. The fact that you have gotten this far us an accomplishment of itself. Bravo my friend! You are ready for the next phase of accessing your Magicianship.

Ask for assistance

All great Magicians employ helpful assistants to accomplish their goals. While you may be thinking of an attractive lady standing by your side, with a smile on her face, I’m referring to something completely different.

Rocks and crystals and mineral muses. Chuckle and smirk if you like. Have you never questioned the ability of Tylenol to take your pain away? Certainly if tiny, white pills are able to soothe the strangest symptoms is it so far-fetched to consider the metaphysical abilities of these inanimate objects of earth?

This realm may be completely novel to you. Step in with an open mind and trust the faith displayed by various cultures across the globe. At on time warriors adorned themselves with carnelian neckpieces. They believed these brought them courage, power and assisted in the defeat of their enemies.

While courage and power are useful the focus here is transmutation of negative energy. For this purpose you’ll want to keep 3 helpful assistants on hand:

  1. Hematite – This mineral is colored steel, silverish-gray. It absorbs and dissolves negative energy.
  2. Black Tourmaline – A glistening black crystal which brings you good luck and happiness while simultaneously blocking negative energy.
  3. Clear Quartz – The translucent white crystal is an amplifier and master healer. It boosts the effects of other crystals, minerals and stones and draws off negative energy.

The closer these are to your person the more powerful they’ll be. Wearing them as jewelry, slipping them in your pocket and sleeping with them under your pillow are some of the best ways to access their energy. Personally I do all 3, sometimes in combination. Keeping a jar of crystals on your desk is also advisable.

Turn off, tune in

Time heals all wounds. I’m sure you’ve heard those words at least 1000 times. You may interpret this as months or years which need to pass before getting over something. Have you ever considered making the choice to heal almost instantaneously?

Space and time are illusions of perception. To set the pace of recovery intentionally put space around an unwelcome experience. Skilled Magicians do this by consistently turning off and tuning in, or simply put, meditation.

Through practicing meditation you’ll learn to address the negative thoughts of your own psyche in a gentle and loving way. As said in one of the first books I read on spirituality, The 7 Laws of Spiritual Success, “every relationship is a reflection of the relationship with yourself.”

Be gentle and kind to yourself, no doubt you will be gentle and kind to others.

Thanks to technology developing a regular habit of meditation is just a download away. Several apps are available which will ease you into this place of peace. Try out Headspace or Calm and personalize your practice from their.

Getting personal

If you know me you may notice and awkward, instructional tone to this piece. I’m not exactly sure why it came out that way but I’ve gotta hunch. I wrote this as a reminder to myself.

You see I was sitting at my desk, writing about something completely different. It felt all wrong. While I do my best to stay optimistic sometimes it’s just fuckin’ hard. I was typing, holding back tears and on the brink of va-va-victimville. Ugh. That place. I know it’s useless and I just refused to go there.

I stopped typing. Walked outside. Brisk California air slapped me in the face. It was a nice contrast to our typical 80 degree days. Just like that I was reminded, there are seasons. Moments of extreme chill balanced by fierce heat. But somewhere there is always a comfortable place offering relief.

A cozy fireside couch. A relaxing stroll on the beach. Sure I can complain of the weather. I can also choose to enjoy one of the many ways we have to tolerate it.

Wait a minute! I can actually find pleasure under these circumstances? Is it possible without these circumstances I would not know those pleasures?

I am a Magician. Stepping, shifting and learning to embody my full spectrum of light along the way. This is what happens when you turn up the taboo. Miracles. Magic!
_ _

If you prefer sound over text just put your headphones on and press play…

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25 September 2014 Why I said NO to a dream job

purple flower

4 days before I was set to leave Bali I was offered a dream job. It has nothing to do with flowers, I’ve only posted this beautiful pic because the photos related to this dream job are on my iPhone 5. (It happened to go ka-put immediately upon landing at LAX, after months of hanging on by a string).

The dream job had to do with water, boats, travel, adventure. I was asked to Steward an 85 ft yacht called the Namaste. No I am not kidding. The plans were to sail from Bali to Timor to Darwin (Australia) to Brisbane and eventually to Cali (with stops at destinations of my dreams along the way). All I was asked to do was cook and clean for a crew of 4, including myself. Icing on the cake, I was to be paid for this. Easy enough.

So why did I decline this golden opportunity on this gleaming new yacht? I did not make a list of pros and cons. I did not toss and turn hoping to make the right decision. I just listened to my intuition which told me the answer was no. Something about it just felt wrong. The only way I can explain it is:

Travel insinuates freedom. Being at sea for days, even weeks at a time cooking and cleaning for 3 men just feels a bit restrictive. This girl needs to move when she needs to move.

I’ll be totally honest with you though, after only 2 days back in LaLa land I’m kicking myself and cursing my intuition. WTF was I thinking?

In the meantime I’ll prepare myself for the next grandiose opportunity…my intuition tells me there is one on the horizon, perfectly suited for this freedom-loving adventurer.

Love, the Glossy Queen

13 September 2014 The best thing about Bali

musician in ubud

Madeloby, a musician and business man from Ubud.

Is by far the people. Which means they must be extraordinary because there are a myriad of things to love about this place. But the people will steal your heart.

payogan village post ceremony

Smiling face post ceremony in Payogan village.

Two Balinese women crafting in Uluwatu.

Mary, crocheting a bag (which will take her 2 days to complete) on the walkways on Uluwatu.

Child smiling on side of the road in Bali

En route to Canggu…he smiled as soon as he saw the camera pointed at him.

Beach vendor on Ku De Ta Beach

Anna, one of many women selling sarongs on Ku De Ta beach.

They are so open and possess a genuine kindness which I have never felt before. From shop keeps to women selling sarongs on the beach to little children walking along the road…they all smile and laugh and give you a feeling that despite their hardships they are in love with life.

Like me you can come here knowing no one and leave with an abundance of love to take back home and spread freely in your native land – just as they do here.

Love, the Glossy Queen

It’s been on my to do list for a long time to start a YouTube channel. Back home I never really felt inspired or always had some lame excuse as to why I couldn’t do it. Yesterday all that changed – I filmed and edited my first YouTube video!

Pretty much took me all day and a lot of the early morning to get this short 30 second video up; simply because I had to download apps and test things out. I expect the process will be much smoother going forward. You know what else, I did all this with 3 small devices – iPhone 5, iPad 4 and Nikon D7000. My tripod came in handy as well.

As for the content you can expect much more than outfit/style posts. During my first week in Bali I’ve connected with some vivid spirits. These artistes + adventurers have very interesting stories to share. I hope to get some of these chats on camera, I know their words will inspire you to follow your heart and live in color. At TGQ that’s what its all about!

Now my friends I shall venture out. I’ve spent the past 2 days working and its time to explore.

Love, The Glossy Queen