It’s been a while since I’ve made an appearance here on the blog. What can I say that I haven’t already said, I’m just a bad blogger.

Crazy busy shopping, photographing, editing, creative directing, networking, shipping…the list goes on! No complaints though, I love every minute of it.

Anyhow, I’m writing to let you all know about the #FULLMOONFLASHSALE which starts this Friday, July 31 at 12pm Los Angeles time. I’ve been having fullmoon and newmoon flashsales since (I think) April. I mark down 11 – 22 items in my Poshmark closet by up to 50%

You can seriously save an insane amount on pre-loved, vintage and brand new clothing and accessories.

All curated by moi!

The best part about these flashsales is that you get to tell me what to price drop.

Just tag the listings you want me to reduce with #DROPITJEN

Viola! Next thing you know that adorable vintage dress is on your doorstep waiting for you to wear it.

That’s all for now my lovely beams of light. Happy fullmoon in Aquarius. Look forward to seeing you on flashsale day.

love + abundance
Jennifer Elizabeth

2 June 2015 Live a Magickal life

Some pretty Magickal things have been happening lately. Maybe it’s the crystal juice I’ve been drinking, but more on that later.

Almost immediately prayers I didn’t even realize I made are answered. Ideas have never been hard for me to come by, but these days the ideas coming through me are in perfect alignment with my dreams and desires. Better yet, they are surprisingly easy to execute. I’ll share some of those ideas with you later as well.

Right now I just want to talk about Magick. Do you believe in it? Do you find it a silly conception reserved for fairytales? Do you practice any type of Magick – ha, I bet you do!

mermaid midi skirt + pink platforms |

Despite the general belief Magick is not mysterious at all.

Anyone who trades in dollars (or euros, or rupiah or any paper or digital currency) is practicing Magick.

Think about it for a second.

A huge part of your life revolves around obtaining a piece of paper with ink on it. Who gives that paper value and why? Should not the most valuable things of life be health, how we spend our time and who we spend our time with? Yet the common culture is to spend our days stressed out doing things we don’t like with people we’d rather not be around – all for money. Hmmm. Money is pretty Magickal.

You don’t have to practice Magick blindly though. Simply look for the Magick in your life and I promise you the Magick will multiply. Nope, you don’t even have to drink crystal juice or carry around a horseshoe!

typographic details + bohemian minimalist style |

Here are 3 totally non-weird ways to conjure up some Magick:

1. Start paying attention to the synchronicities in your life.
There are no coincidences. When something extraordinary happens, no matter how minute of a detail it is, STOP! Acknowledge it for a moment, do a celebratory dance, write it down if you like and reflect on it later.

2. Always see the positive in people and situations.
I was listening to Tim Ferriss’ podcast today (if you don’t listen to his podcast you so need to), he was interviewing Billionaire investor Chris Sacca. Sacca (whose invested in companies like Uber and Twitter) was talking about the companies he did not invest in (Snapchat, Dropbox, AirBNB). He missed a lot of money by passing on those deals. Why did he pass? Because he focused on the negative things that could happen instead of seeing all the good. He himself acknowledged the mistake.

3. Talk less.
I am a person who loves to talk. Of late however, I don’t feel the need to talk so much. I don’t feel the need to explain or justify. Typically those conversations are straight wasteful. When you talk less you listen more. There’s not only Magick in hearing others words more clearly, there is tons of Magick in hearing what goes unsaid.

Voila! Now get from behind this screen and start tuning in to your Magickal life.

One other thing. Today is the Full Moon in Sagittarius and like I do every month I’m having a #FullMoonFlashsale! Price drops start at 9:19am Los Angeles time. That means up to 50% off listed prices in my Poshmark, Vinted & Ebay Stores. 24 hours only!

love + abundance
Jennifer Elizabeth

OOTD details: Colorful crochet cardigan, Gray sweater by Old Navy, Bodycon mermaid skirt, Shoes by BCBG

Photos by Andre Lackner

Decision making can be a stress inducing event. It’s not just huge life decisions that leave us a frizzy-frazzled mess, some of us struggle with even the most trivial of things.

What to have for lunch?
What color shirt to buy?
What beach to go to?

animal print & flower bikini |

Worry no more, I’m going to let you in on a secret. It’s a simple mind hack to make every single decision you will ever make the right decision.

Here goes…

“You have to regard yourself as a cloud in the flesh. Because, you see, clouds never make mistakes. Did you ever see a cloud that was mis-shapen? Did you ever see a badly designed wave? No. They always do the right thing. Now so, as a matter of fact, do we – because we are natural beings just like clouds and waves. Only we have complicated games which cause us to doubt ourselves. But if you will treat yourself for a while as a cloud or wave and realize that you can’t make a mistake whatever you do. [Be]cause even if you do something that seems to be totally disastrous it’ll all come out in the wash somehow.” – Alan Watts

Clouds and waves make for poetic prose but they are not the point. The point is to simply be.

Be who you are. Be confident in the design of your body, mind and spirit. Know that the idea of “wrong” is an illusion.

This subtle shift in perception will make decision making a day at the beach!

love + abundance
Jennifer Elizabeth
OOTD details: Gray kimono by Asos, Floral crop top by Audrey 3+1, Yellow bikini top by Vitamin A, Animal print bikini bottoms by H&M

Photos by Andre Lackner

27 May 2015 Create from love

 “Your face is your mask and the question is, therefore, what is behind the mask?” – Alan Watts

Some people struggle with the idea that you create your own reality. I think it’s rather quite simple to grasp…we are all Persons, aka Personas aka Masks.

What is a Mask but a notion of a false reality. And if the reality is false that means you have the ability to create it.

Will you create from fear or will you create from love?

That is as much a question for me as it is for you.


My last blog post was two months ago. At the beginning of the year I had lofty ambitions to blog on a regular basis. It may look like I’ve failed but looks are deceiving. After returning from Bali I made a commitment to only do things I’m passionate about. I am not a passionate blogger. Yes I said it.

I am a passionate creative entrepreneur. The business of selling clothes for bohemian-minimalists is keeping me crazy busy and I LOVE IT! Of all my creative endeavors this one feels the most right.

Though it is work, actually the hardest work I’ve ever done, nothing beats the fulfillment and joy I get creating from a space of pure love.

Since I know I create my own reality I’m gonna wave that magick wand and transform myself into a very passionate blogger through sharing the things that I love: style + simple musings.

Expect fashion interwoven with philosophy adorned with threads of earthly travel and spiritual adventure of many kinds.

Now its time for you to “clap your heels two times, grab the magick wand.” What will you create from your love space?

love + abundance
Jennifer Elizabeth
OOTD details: Hat by Supreme New York, Jacket by Member’s Only (vintage), Sweater by Truly Madly Deeply, Skirt by An’ge Paris, Sunnies by Burberry, Shoes by Seychelles


Trina Turk x Kate Spade x Vintage polka dots |

Life as a creative entrepreneur often means spending days at your home office or studio draped in leggings and an oversized tee. With all the demands of running a business your day to day look can take a serious beating.

Renew your work day look this spring with a dress you can seriously wear anywhere.

The key is to find something comfortable. No, that does not mean trading your leggings for joggers!

Geometric print dress by Trina Turk |

Check out this vibrant, geometric print, cotton & silk dress by Los Angeles designer Trina Turk. The bright and bold colors perfectly reflect your creative nature without even opening your mouth. This piece is super easy to wear as it features an elastic waistband and relaxed cut.

Trina Turk & Vintage Polka Dots |

For power meetings with your peers pair it with a jacket. I’m still into mixing prints so I chose a vintage 1980s polka dot jacket in a vivid shade of pink. This dynamic duo certainly says “I am not afraid.”

No need to hold this piece to the office either. It works for a weekend get-a-ways as well. Just lose the jacket and pair it with sandals, a hat and your fave pair of sunnies.

Your work into weekend adventures will never be brighter.

Jacket and dress both available in my Vinted shop and remember there is just one, yes, just one of each.
OOTD details: Dress by Trina Turk, Jacket is Vintage, Ipad case by Kate Spade, Necklace by Glossy Queen (available soon)