22 January 2015 Mid-January motivation

Jennifer Elizabeth in a vintage 1970s wrap skirt | Glossy Queen
It’s the end of the week and I want to know how you’re feeling? As we’re 3 weeks into 2015 are things shaping up the way you thought they would?

If you don’t mind I’d like to tell you how I feel. Accomplished! For the first time ever I’ve managed to post a blog 5 days in a row. It’s been a goal of mine for longer than I want to say. And YAY! I finally did it.

Are there any goals you’ve been holding in your head for far too long?

You’re probably thinking of at least one, right. And maybe you’re even thinking about all the reasons why you’ve not yet accomplished that goal.

Let me share something with you. It’s something so simple. Something I know you’ve heard a billion times but I’m going to share it anyway.

You just gotta do it!

At the beginning of this week I had no formal plans to blog everyday. I started Sunday night. On a whim.

Making the decision to discontinue the thread wrapped bangles and bib necklaces is a big change for my business. I felt compelled to make a formal announcement and explain why.

Once I started typing I couldn’t stop. Before I knew it the post was nearly 500 words long! I broke it into two and had the beginning of the next post finished the same night!

Momentum is a magical thing.

With two consecutive posts under my belt I knew I could get a third one up and then a fourth. Again, all these posts were totally improvised. I never referred to my “blog calendar” or my notebook full of blog post ideas. I didn’t go searching around the world wide web (where it’s so easy to get stuck) for top keywords nor did I pull headlines from the trashy tabloids. I just did it, because momentum is on my side and I refuse to make an enemy of her this time.

So again I ask…how are you feeling? We are nearly a month into 2015. Remember:

This is the year the world needs you to realize your dreams. Let nothing stand in your way.


21 January 2015 Moments of meditation

Jennifer Elizabeth Glossy Queen

Photo by Tiziano Pancotti

Inside her mind the path is clear

She spots magical signs along her way.

Inside her spirit is bright & bold,

even when the outer world brings a gloomy day.

Since yesterday’s big reveal (that I’m back in the clothing business) I thought it’d be cool to share some of my favorite SOLD finds with you. Thinking of making this a regular feature and calling it “sold old clothes”?! Maybe that’s not the most appealing name but I find it simplistic and charming. I’d love to hear what you think about it. Tweet me and tell me if it’s a yay or a nay.

Now here are five (I’ve amended this to three, because it’s been a long day and I’m getting tired) of my favorites, all bought and sold over the past three months:

Cotton flag sweater by Ralph Lauren

An iconic flag sweater by Ralph Lauren. Cotton, silk & linen.

Vintage leather trench coat.

Vintage 1970s trench coat. Genuine leather.

Tweed blazer by J Crew

Chanel-style tweed jacket by J Crew. Wool.

Funny how these three pieces have two things in common. They are all made with natural fibers and have muted, neutral tones. Apparently my senses are swinging to the other side of the pendulum after making the loud, aggressive, vibrant thread jewelry for three years!

Now I’m off to dreamland. Buonanotte!

Celebrate with black and gold balloons
Last year around this time I got a (tarot & palm) reading from a beautiful young lady. Her name was Fatima. As I sat attentively watching cards flip and listening to her words she asked me, “What do you do?”

I quickly responded, “I’m an artist.”

She looked at me as if she knew that’s what I was going to say yet she was not satisfied with my answer. “No, you do something else don’t you? It’s not related to your art.”

Shocked I confirmed her statement, “Yes I do. I have a part-time job in finance.”

“This [2014] is the year that will end and you will do your art full time.”

Call it a wild guess or whatever you like, but Fatima was spot on. About a week and a half before I left for Bali my part-time gig ended…just like that. However, that development wasn’t shocking at all. I was so fed up with wasting my time (even if it was just 12 hours a week) at place I had no passion for.

My trip to Bali came in the perfect moment! Adventuring in a far away land for 30 days helped me come to this oh so important conclusion:

I only want to spend my time doing things I’m truly passionate about!

Yesterday I explained to you why I’ve decided to discontinue making the thread wrapped jewelry. In so many words I’ve lost my passion for it. I also promised to share with you what’s next.

If you clicked on one of the many links to my shop [in yesterday’s post] you probably noticed my store, once exclusively filled with jewelry, is now peppered with some vintage clothing items.

Yep my friends I’m back in the clothing business!

Upon returning from Bali I opened up an eBay shop, started going though my closet (full of things I barely or never wore), snapped some pics and what do ya know things started selling.

Of course my closet is not an infinite source of merchandise, after a few weeks I began scouring Los Angeles, hunting for previously loved, wearable treasures. What fuckin’ fun!

So pretty much I’m now a professional shopper. Ummm, dream job for a girl like me.

Galaxy dress by Roberto CavalliAs a wonderful man once told me “time is always on time.”It’s surely no coincidence that 2015 makes it 10 years since I started my first entrepreneurial endeavor, a clothing line. Here I am 10 years later back in the clothing business.

For the record I’m not only selling vintage items. You’ll find everything from H&M, Topshop, Zara, J Crew to Tory Burch, Trina Turk to Roberto Cavalli. I’m gonna make another promise to you, Glossy Queen will be revolutionizing the way you shop.

I think that’s enough for now. Cheers my fellow Creators!

Thread wrapped bangles by Glossy Queen.

Happy New Year to all you beauties out there! I’ve been gone for a while and many exciting changes are underway. Lets jump right into it.

First of all, I’m discontinuing the thread wrapped bangle bracelets & bibs! Yes, there is an exclamation point at the end of that statement.

After 3 years of making the same jewelry over and over again, guess what, I got damn bored with it.

Fortunately I’ve been blessed to ship product all over the world and partner with great establishments online and off. I never imagined my bright + bold jewelry would be so well received. A big thank you to everyone out there who blogged or bought any of those pieces. I still have some remaining inventory and I’m selling whats left for 50% off. Quantities are super limited and several styles have already sold out. I’m never going to make these pieces again so if you want one head over to my Etsy shop now!

Are you wondering if this means my jewelry-making career is over? Nope, it is not over. It is evolving.

For a long time I’ve felt a strong desire to work exclusively with natural materials. You know leather, cotton, brass, crystals, hemp, silk. All the good stuff. Earthy things excite me in a way that synthetic stuff  just does not. Not surprising, I am Virgo!

Currently there are a few pieces in my shop (a bold crystal ring, czech glass earrings and (cotton) thread-wrapped brass tube necklaces) that will give you a taste of things to come. But honestly jewelry-making is in limbo until the spark of inspiration hits me. I can feel it heading my way and YOU will be the first to know once it does!

That brings us to the second piece of big news. Which I will share with you tomorrow!